Classic Game Room Celebrates a milestone

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Returns

I have now signed up to gamepress, a great source for PR and press release info. I scanned the latest press releases saw this one and wrote about it. My aim was to capture all the info of the press release while also cutting out the promotional guff. I didn’t know what my opinions would be about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure until after I finished writing the piece. That’s the fun part about doing these write ups is I get to tell it how it is.

New Stages And Fighters Leaked For Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

I have been extremely busy of late and quite unwell with the flu too. Man-flu? maybe but to me its just as bad as the bubonic plague. I added some opinion into the end of this news piece questioning the value of games being revealed wholesale before their launch but it got cut by the editor, Its the first time I have had something I have creatively expressed removed. But instead of being upset, I am totally cool with it. I supply the ammo but its the editor who loads aims and shoots. so its his call. But hey this is my site. I’m the Editor in Chief so sit back and feel the burn of my opinion! So you can read it HERE. and in a break from the norm I’ll post it on then try and get it published on the site that denied my opinion in the first place. wish me luck.

Company of Heroes 2 Chills out with ColdTech

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I learned some WWII history while writing this article. I actually found myself questioning how far over the line of decency entertainment companies cross in order to deliver the next best thing.

The truth is I am conflicted.

On the one hand what Relic Entertainment have achieved with their new engine is exciting and innovative. But Campaign designer Jason Tores calls the games design philosophy “the ruthless truth of war”. I feel this mandate goes a step too close to insulting the memory of the bravery of the soldiers who died in the war. Say what you must about the Nazi political line, most German soldiers weren’t fire breathing racists but scared young soldiers following orders. Despite our justified  prejudice against their motivations are we justified in glorifying their deaths in this way?

This moral dilemma reminds me of a story my friend Tillman Wolfemore shared with me. One day he opened up to me sharing the truth that his Grandfather was in the German SS as a medical support officer. I was shocked and declared that his Grandfather was a hideous monster who deserves nothing less than to burn in hell. Tillman smiled and corrected me saying that his Grandfather was actually a hero.

During the invasion of Russia a young German medical officer in the SS was charged with monitoring a front line field hospital. The Russians were bearing down fast but the order to retreat never came. Many of the stationed soldiers including other agents of the SS saw the situation as hopeless and deserted the hospital.

The young medic refused to leave and stated that: he would not leave the defenceless wounded to be slaughtered. The Russian advance made it to the front door and as the lone officer drew his pistol to defend his patients a platoon of German reinforcements arrived repelling the Russian attack. saving the hospital and all within.

Tillman’s Grandfather was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery. The deserters were shot.

This story made me realise that heroes are made by decisions made in moments. Tillman’s Grandfather may have served under the banner of evil but when the moment came he stood for honour and courage.

Critical///Path: Top Developers Discuss The Industry

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Another mini challenge from Hard Reset Editor Fernando Da Costa who is based in Canada! I drop references to my love of ice hockey once in a while. Lets hope he’s not a Leafs fan.

This article is a great portal for quotes. Nearly all the major developers are spouting their vision of what is and, in their opinion, should be. So any future features can be bolstered by something someone said from here. Very cool.

The price of free: NGmoco Interview

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The second part of the interview with the Marketing Strategist of NGmoco Sami Mahmood. Who looked quite a bit like Derek Sherinian (former Dream Theater keyboardist).

I have a plan to conduct future interviews with prepared questions for people I know I am going to interview. However,  I’m still wet behind the ears in the world of jounelism but I get the feeling a good reporter is defined by pouncing on opportunity. That’s what I did here. I had never even heard of NGmoco until an hour before this interview. I used my phones internet to grab anything I could build questions around.  My aim is to refine my ability to ask the het questions on the fly.

Kojima to showcase Fox Engine

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Expressing my opinions and knowledge about one of my all time favourite franchises is a huge buzz for me. Any time the friendly editor says “can anyone cover this”? I leap at the chance. Not only do I love the challenge but it removes the fear that my piece will not press the right buttons. That said I feel it is imperative that I do create my own content, If this work ceases to be a creative process then I will lose my love of doing it.

E.A. fight the U.S. Government for same sex equality

This article came to me at 1400 labelled get it done ASAP. I knew no-one would hold it against me if I held off until tomorrow but I loved the challenge of getting it done. I was frustrated with the images as they wouldn’t show up in the article the way they did in the draft. Another disappointment for me came when I recalled an amazing statement on a certain companies stance on LGBT themes in games but I couldn’t for the life of me remember who said it.  In the end I abandoned the quote. I don’t like not being able to back up my work with facts.


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Review

This is my first published review. I captured screen-shots from a video press piece for the game using [print screen] then editing the images. I also grabbed a screenshot of my avatar in the game by using the camera on my phone. I can’t wait to get the proper gear to capture video from my consoles.

The editorial staff at Hard Reset enforced a lower word count on the review I submitted. I have to admit the shorter version does make for an easier read but omits technical details that might serve to enrich the reader. Truth is I could go on forever once I get my teeth into it and I think lowering my word count will force me to be more efficient with my words. So because this is my site and I can print what I please here is the full length 1109 word review.

New article for

Another interview, this time with someone within the industry. Although I am proud of the interview with Strawberry Venom and Purple Girl this interview has a little more credibility. I got good quotes and in the interview gently backed him into a corner about things he wanted to keep a secret. The article was edited by the main boss of the site Adam who is quickly earning my trust, his alterations are subtle but I feel they improve my work. 🙂