This is my first published review. I captured screen-shots from a video press piece for the game using [print screen] then editing the images. I also grabbed a screenshot of my avatar in the game by using the camera on my phone. I can’t wait to get the proper gear to capture video from my consoles.

The editorial staff at Hard Reset enforced a lower word count on the review I submitted. I have to admit the shorter version does make for an easier read but omits technical details that might serve to enrich the reader. Truth is I could go on forever once I get my teeth into it and I think lowering my word count will force me to be more efficient with my words. So because this is my site and I can print what I please here is the full length 1109 word review.

About Tom Reed

I am a freelance game designer specialising in audio and 3D animation. My other passions include writing and recording music, illustration and gaming. I love to develop understanding and knowledge through discussion and the sharing of opinions.

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