I have been extremely busy of late and quite unwell with the flu too. Man-flu? maybe but to me its just as bad as the bubonic plague. I added some opinion into the end of this news piece questioning the value of games being revealed wholesale before their launch but it got cut by the editor, Its the first time I have had something I have creatively expressed removed. But instead of being upset, I am totally cool with it. I supply the ammo but its the editor who loads aims and shoots. so its his call. But hey this is my site. I’m the Editor in Chief so sit back and feel the burn of my opinion! So you can read it HERE. and in a break from the norm I’ll post it on tomrx.com then try and get it published on the site that denied my opinion in the first place. wish me luck.

About Tom Reed

I am a freelance game designer specialising in audio and 3D animation. My other passions include writing and recording music, illustration and gaming. I love to develop understanding and knowledge through discussion and the sharing of opinions.

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