Hideo Kojima has announced a showcase of his Fox Engine on August 30th on his Metal Gear blog:

The Fox Engine is nearly finished, but the only way to be sure it works is to create a game at the same time and improve the engine with our tools as we go along. Originally we were going to do this for Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance, but a lot happened along the way and instead it is being made with the engine they have at Platinum Games.

Production studios in Japan are nearly extinct, a fact that we have recognized for nearly 10 years, and although the Fox Engine is not finished we are ready to show what it can do… on August 30th in Japan to be more specific

Last year Hideo Kojima released an elaborate E3 teaser video showing off the work in progress build of Kojima Productions Fox Engine (in development since MGS4 went gold). A proprietary engine with comprehensive dev tools should other stables opt to use it. In the staged interview Kojima boasted his game engine would be the best in the world and run on ‘unannounced multiplatform systems’. In the demo Hideo selected a 360 pad to show of the playable build, a PC mouse and PS3 pad were also available.

Kojima confirmed that the first release under the flag of the Fox Engine will be “A multiplatform game and will be … enabled for a global audience”.

The Fox Engine in action.

Typically the term ‘global audience’ refers to a method of communicating in a way that allows anybody to consume the information presented without barriers of cultural or language difference. Globalisation to the more cynical refers to Americanisation. For Kojima Productions, going ‘global’ probably means the latter; possibly focusing more on western philosophies driving the narrative.

Project OGRE will almost certainly be the focus of the August 30th demonstration with many expecting Snakes return. The released screenshot points to the game being set in a military setting sometime after the 1950’s this is clear due to the AK-47 under the characters arm which didn’t enter production until 1949. This time stamp rules out a 2nd world war scenario, so those hoping to see Kojima’s pipe dream game based around MGS3‘s cobra unit will have to keep waiting. Of course the screen may have nothing to do with Project OGRE and may just be a collection of assets placed within the engine to demonstrate draw distance and lighting.

In interviews Kojima has been slowly giving up more details including the style of gameplay:

I can’t really say too much about that project yet, but it’s a very subdued experience.

It’s a little bit different to what I’ve done up until now. On the surface it will look similar, but once you get into it, it will be a different experience.

Even going as far as confirming the title will be an open world game:

Project Ogre is some game that has a very wide entrance, a very open entrance. Rather than making something very cinematic, [I plan to] make something very free.

At Sandiego Comic Con none other than Cliff Blezsinski tweeted that he got a sneak peak at the Fox Engine running while Kojima similtainiously denounced the MGS5 logo as fan made.

If the August showcase does indeed reveal MGS5 as the premier title for the Fox Engine then eyebrows will surely raise at Kojimas denials. But in all fairness you only need to look at Yoshinori Ono to see how much fun Developers can have with media and fans when they don’t want to confirm anything. Being trolled is all part of the dance.

One thing is for sure, speculation will be served heavily by anyone and everyone right up until August 30th. My personal feeling is that I would like to see a new IP as much as a new Metal Gear game. Don’t get me wrong, I always have time for Solid Snake but Kojima is a genius game-smith yet  always falls back on Metal Gear. Lets see what else he can dream up.

Penny arcade Expo will be kicking off one day after the Fox Engine showcases and several other prominent shows including Tokyo Game Show are still on the horizon. Konami bosses will want something substantial to flaunt at one of these big events, so perhaps there will be less on show than some might hope.

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