Girl Gamers Interview Published 07/07/2012

Check out this interview I conducted at July’s London Anime Con

This was my first interview as a games Journalist. I scribbled down some questions and shyly asked these girls to be in my interview. They loved the idea and I taped a conversation. I kicked myself for not getting better pictures but I’ll know better next time.

One member of the Anime League staff tried to stop me from conducting the interview – he thought there was some kind of legal ramifications to my asking questions! I guess he meant well but I still had daggers in my eyes while he embarrassed me with his objections. The life of a fledgling reporter. 🙂

Xbox 8 unlikely to be the final name for Microsoft’s next console

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This is my first ever published article which went live on on July 4th 2012 which incidentally is my birthday. 🙂


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